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Career Counseling

Career Counseling and Job Search

Many people are unsure of the career path they should follow.  I work both with young people to help them find direction and choose the right career, and also with more experienced people who want or need to make a career transition. 

I also work with those who know where they want to go, but need assistance in formulating strategies for finding job opportunities, approaching potential employers, perfecting their résumés, and developing their interview skills.

Job search counseling is generally conducted in three stages:

  • First I will conduct a series of assessments to discover as much as possible about the individual’s true skills, values, and preferences. We will analyze the results in depth and discuss them in detail.   
  • Based on these results, we will then look closely into suitable career options for the client. We will determine the field or fields that suit him/her best, and I will assist him/her in gathering information about and establishing contacts within the fields in question. 
  • Thirdly, we will develop strategies to establish the client in the appropriate field. Where required, I will provide a complete range of job-search services, including résumé preparation and review, interview-skills coaching, and salary-negotiation strategies.

As a fourth part of the process, some clients like to continue to work together once they are in work, discussing such issues as navigating the politics of the workplace, understanding and adapting to their company’s culture and environment, dealing with their boss, and developing their workplace skills. I do a substantial amount of mentoring of this type.


Executive Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Some people take the position that strong job skills are enough to make an executive, but the most successful executives have a much broader range of skills than the ones that served them well before they became executives.  Executive-level leadership today requires much more than being strong in your area of expertise.

By the same token, leadership is often defined as a vague and rather limited set of behaviors and attitudes.  It is better thought of, though, as a broad range of concrete, identifiable skills in the areas of people management and implementation. 

These are skills that can be learned.  I work with executives to identify gaps that they exhibit in the spectrum of executive leadership skills and to fill them.

Workplace Issues

Workplace Issues

People sometimes face issues in the workplace that are challenging to navigate. Dealing with the boss, handling the politics of the workplace, positioning themselves for advancement, understanding their interactions with others, managing subordinates, balancing workplace and personal matters – these things can leave a person baffled, and many people leave such issues unresolved for years.

I can help you understand the dynamics of your workplace and work with you to develop strategies to address these issues. I also often work with clients to help them develop new skills, improve their business thinking, prepare for promotion and plan a path to advancement, increase their effectiveness in the workplace, and understand how best to handle co-workers and situations of various types. 

Many clients return later for further coaching.