My Background and Experience

Direct, relevant experience


I have over 20 years’ experience in business and government.

After eight years in New York as a Vice President in the Global Talent Development department of a major Wall Street financial firm with a global presence, I have a clear understanding of how large corporations work. I have worked in a training, coaching, and counseling capacity with employees at all levels of corporations, at various stages of their careers, and from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.

My hands-on management experience in the private sector also includes my work as head of Human Resources at an important Canadian life insurance company and as a manager at a leading polling firm in Toronto. I have also worked in the Pharmaceuticals industry in the United States, and at other financial institutions.

My experience in government includes two extended change-management consulting projects with the Province of Ontario and a project-management position with the Canadian federal government.

I have an MBA, which has provided me with a broad knowledge of business.

I am also a certified teacher, and have extensive teaching, coaching and tutoring experience.