Harris Silverman, B.A., B.Ed., M.B.A.

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I am an MBA with over 20 years’ experience in large corporations (including major financial institutions), small businesses (including my own), and the public sector. I am also a certified teacher with extensive teaching, coaching, and tutoring experience. 

My purpose as a career counselor and executive coach is to help my clients develop the executive and management skills necessary for success, navigate the trials and pitfalls of the workplace, and find the right career path for them.

I offer coaching in the following areas:


  • Executive and Leadership Coaching – The range of skills that senior people need is broader than that required by other managers.  Most executives, including newly promoted ones, are very strong in certain aspects of the high-level management and leadership skill set but tend to have gaps in other parts of the spectrum.  I work with executives and senior managers to broaden their executive skills and to develop them in those areas of people management and leadership where they are weak.

  • Management and Workplace Coaching – I advise both new and experienced managers on approaching various management issues, and I help people at different points in their careers develop the skills and outlook they need for their present positions and to position themselves for advancement.  I also coach clients to help them develop leadership, management, and executive skills, and I assist people with strategies for addressing issues they face in the workplace.

  • Career Coaching and Counseling – I help people find the right career, deal with on-going workplace issues and challenges, plan and advance their careers, and make successful career changes.  I also help people with résumé preparation and interview skills. 


I work with clients in person as well as globally via telephone and Internet (at no additional cost to the client).

I offer a free initial consultation of up to 45 minutes.


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